201, 2017

Florida Bail Law

January 2nd, 2017|Comments Off on Florida Bail Law

1. Applicable Statutes. 1. FLORIDA STATUTES (FS) Chapter 648, Chapter 903 2. FLORIDA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE (AR), Chapter 4-221 Governance is determined by local rule. It does not appear that local jurisdictions are allowed to modify statutes or regulations. 2. Licensing Requirements. In order to undertake bail in Florida, a person must have a license [AR 4-221.001, FS 648.26, 648.30]. Florida law specifies two kinds of bail bond agent: (1) a limited surety agent, defined as a person appointed by an insurer to execute bail bonds [FS 648.25(6)], (2) a professional bail bond agent, defined as a person who pledges US currency as security for a bail bond [FS 648.25(7)]. A. Qualifications for License. 1) Bail bond agents [FS 648.34] must [...]

201, 2017

The 2016 Florida Statutes

January 2nd, 2017|Comments Off on The 2016 Florida Statutes

Title XXXVII INSURANCE Chapter 648 BAIL BOND AGENTS View Entire Chapter 648.44 Prohibitions; penalty.— (1) A bail bond agent or temporary bail bond agent may not: (a) Suggest or advise the employment of, or name for employment, any particular attorney to represent his or her principal. (b) Directly or indirectly solicit business in or on the property or grounds of a jail, prison, or other place where prisoners are confined or in or on the property or grounds of any court. The term “solicitation” includes the distribution of business cards, print advertising, or other written or oral information directed to prisoners or potential indemnitors, unless a request is initiated by the prisoner or a potential indemnitor. Permissible print advertising in the jail is strictly [...]

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